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Hi, I am going to San Diego in a few weeks and I am wondering if there are good stores/shops that sells Diesel denim in San Diego area Thanks!
Hi, I happen to stumble on a store and I cannot decide on which one to pick... Koffha 71B - I already have a Shazor 71B so getting the same wash might not be a good idea. Koffha 8BK - I feel that they are a similar wash between 710 and 772 which I have already. Shazor 8BE - Nice back pockets, but the wash I am kind of iffy about, seems like a cheap wash. thanks for the input.
More on the Zaf 70Z I am also in the process of selling the first three, Ravix, Rumbum, and the Bumics
Hi, here's my collection to date: Ravix 727 30 Rumbum 796 31 Bumics 880 31 Zatiny 8FC 30 Zathan 40C 31 Zaf 70Z 30 Zathan 772 ('06) 31 Zathan 772 ('04) 31 Koffha 772 29 Zathan 710 31 Shazor 71B 29
Just want to notify everyone that my Bumics 880 and Rabox 796 are up on Ebay. Time to get rid of these to make room for the new ones! Thanks! Rabox: Bumics: Both: [mod edit - please post links to your own auctions in the items for sale section] Thank you for your time!!!
here's the picture http://img124.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img1...sc034581wh.jpg
I don't wear it anymore because they are a little bit too big for me. I washed it 10 times the most w/ the colorguard liquid detergent. I have also originally hemmed it down to 31" Are these rare or not? Let me know guys thx
I went a size up for Zathans. I wore it to class all day sitting, my balls still hurt a little. I had to stand up a few times during class to pull down because it's really suffocating. Sometimes I can't stand it!
It's true, go down a size for the Zaf's. They fit a little big but that's how the cut is suppose to be like I think.
You can wash them normally with a color-friendly detergent and put them in the dryer 140 Celsius max. But if you are really worried then just hang them dry.
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