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Congratulations, you can properly manipulate quotes. Are you done here? Everything you've said has been pretty irrelevant.
Thanks for your opinion, but unless you have a vagina or some bitch-tits, I don't really care about what you have to say. Why is it so hard for people to read and understand thread titles?
I liked a lot of it.
If you aren't going to contribute anything to the discussion, feel free to take some time and brush up on your grammar.
Thank you. Yeah, it doesn't look particularly good on the guy and as I was saying my jeans aren't very baggy. If I get bored enough I'll see if I can get a photo up. I think your choice of shoes play a big role in how decent the jeans look.
Is 6'0" tall enough?
Why are you such an obnoxious idiot? Don't reply in my threads.
KGS4 seems really reasonable to me. I've picked up a few things from them and all of the clothing fits perfectly.
My jeans are more fitted and less baggy than seen in the picture. Tighter cuffs, etc.
Hmm. Let me see what I can do. this isn't me, but like this: Maybe a little bit higher
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