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  Selling my gorgeous Priscilla of Boston, Vineyard Collection, wedding dress. It's an antique white gown with a fit and flare body. This dress retailed at $3000, and is a size 6, which can be taken in if you need a smaller size.   I bought this dress for my upcoming wedding last fall, but recently found another dress that I love much, much more. I can't keep both dresses so I need to sell this one quick.    This dress has never been worn (I don't get married...
same here -- abandonedimages
agreed! i've actually been looking to buy one lately..
Samsung A900. So far theres nothing about this phone I dont like.
If anyone else would like an invite I have like a bazillion left.
LOL Oh man. .
Quote: Originally Posted by GoingCoastal07 To people who have already done it : Was it scary? Did you know anyone? Get really homesick? Was it hard or easy to meet new people? Do you reccomend trying to find a roommate or getting an apartment by yourself? Did anyone experience severe homesick ness and move back home? How old were you when you made the big move? Any regrets? I have. At the moment I'm back at home for the summertime, but I lived...
Creepy. Sometimes I just really cannot stand MySpace.
Quote: Originally Posted by soulfly slingbacks So pretty! I need me some slingbacks.
lol These Chucks are actually my avatar right now. I wore them today.
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