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Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess Cute outfit, Yvonne! Welcome to WAYWT aw thanks!
not the greatest picture..but target cardigan forever 21 shirt PBJs steven by steve madden shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by Raekwon new APC's oh nice
this brand called intimissimi (it's like a french? brand) have really great seamless panties for about $10 i got them at Victoria Secret, but they don't sell intimissimi at all VS stores
yes, and i dont think they are too feminine either
Quote: Originally Posted by vincevtec Haha, small world... I was there for maybe an hour tops. Don't really like that place, but did you have fun? Say hey nextime! yeah i actually did have fun, i was there celebrating my 21st bday me and shekki were there, we'll def say hey next time
Quote: Originally Posted by vincevtec Time to get the drink on ... Happy Cinco! nice outfit were u at fever on friday? b/c i think i saw u...
Quote: Originally Posted by Banana311 Going to watch the SUNS playoff game with some pals. cute vest! where is it from?
i spotted some big t trs at off saks today but they didn't have many i saw these really cute big t sammy's in dark urban cowboy in my size! but there was a hole in them from those security things being ripped out =[ i saw some big t joeys in the brown stitching they cost $149.99 if you have that 30% off any item coupon they would cost $105
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