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Awhile back ebay was flooded with this style.. Now, not so much. I could've sworn I saw a pair in your size a few days ago (on another forum though).
Do want! I think you could go even skinnier from the knees down.
I'm bad like that too.. I get all hoighty toighty when I see someone else wearing fakes. Blech!
You beat me to it! :HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And if you're around my campus today gimme a text.
Iradium: so hot
Congrats! And what's a Caramello bar exactly? :O
Kinda late.. Schoolgirl vampire victim and just for kicks
Someone should lolcat those pics.
Heh.. This thread is still kicking. I'll definitely be wearing Levis the next time I'm in Asia. Can't wait to get back!
Love the hoodie, Advil! Me a few days ago. Apologies for the shoddy quality.
New Posts  All Forums: