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Everyone looks great!
Quote: Originally Posted by denim_addict Annie...with the way it's turning out, not sure if there will be another one to join Sounds about right unfortunately..
Quote: Originally Posted by fashion_boy It'd be awesome if we had one, but they wouldn't have much business. I barely see anyone wearing Diesel..and I'm a mall rat I see plenty of Toronto people wearing Diesel. Then again, I'm at UofT and I'm usually at the library which happens to be a complete fashion show (Robarts, Gerstein, anyone?). There appears to be a high population of affluent Asians and they're usually wearing "designer" this-and-that....
Looks like something Gaius Baltar would wear 150,000 years from now
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram I think like... you get really excited with your topic lines Got me excited too
I should have signed up.. but I totally missed out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac ^^ That I know. but what if the seller doesnt know about "sold" button ? Don't you, like, have to clean it up ? That would be ideal, but that would also mean actively monitoring 5000+ sales threads. I rarely venture into the men's side, but if I see sold stuff in my sections I do put it into the sold sub-forum. If you see items that are sold and haven't been marked as such, feel free to PM me or any mod.
AFAIK.. and please correct me if I'm wrong All men's - designerdesire Women's jeans - Lorna used to mod until she stepped down Women's all other stuff - me Everything else - me Wholesale - unassigned, monitored as a team And Kelly was the Mall Manager but she stepped down a long time ago. It would help me out a lot if I knew what the new mall rules were (considering the old ones have since been taken down). I can't be PMing people or to do xyz or taking down incomplete...
Awwwww.. too cute!
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