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As per HM rules you are required to explain how you know your item is authentic. Where do you dry the line between low-mid-high end items? It's easier to apply the rule to all items. We're working on new mall rules actually. Do you think we should do away with the authenticity explanation?
That is actually quite funny.
Awesome, congrats!
Still in lurve with purple I see.. lol Love the first pair
Quote: Originally Posted by x_xiii so i went to the bank yesterday, and the associate was a little confused as to why my credit card application got declined. therefore she helped me apply for another one, and will have her manager look over the application, so there shouldnt be any problem =]. the reason im getting a credit card is that i know im responsible enough to own a credit card, i've a steady job that pays me well, plus i plan on traveling to new...
Raided gf's closet
Disneyland is awesomeness. Happy birthday! : cheer:roll2::roll2 :
Welcome RacoonJack!
God, that was awkward..
shortee, you missed the troll post.. Someone at Jawnz is trying to be LevisLad by posting up his nudes.. Would be funny except all the naughty pics have been deleted already (from this thread and others)
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