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OMG I just came across this and had to share
They should make a bacon flavoured Jelly Belly!
I used to fry it, but now I use this George Foreman grill. I can set it for 10 mins and just walk away, whereas the pan required me to turn over the bacon every minute or so. I'm skeptical of bacon lip balm but I was also skeptical of buttered popcorn flavored Jelly Bellys.
Wow, that's quite old.
Try opening the curtains!
Bacon salt and Baconaise? I'm really missing out here. Not sure about bacon lip balm though!
Sorta. More like really bad procrastination.. I had the window open at maybe 7 or 8am and it was very windy and raining. Didn't seem very pleasant at all!
It's like Juicy; put tacky or slightly offensive words on everything. Except R&R is just being boring by being so literal - I'd be more impressed if they just offended me. Rock and Republic Official Store
Agree, not your responsibility. Why isn't this person discussing it with the person who actually sold it to him?
hell_70_short, you deleted your pic already? ^^ Grr, I thought the forecast said this week would be really warm. I haven't been outside in 3 days.. I like that jacket though. Would be nice to see more detail.
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