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It's not Pee in any way, shape, or form.. If the person/persons involved want to come clean they can do so. Otherwise, it's not a big deal.
Death Metal = do want And it's funny because when they came out waaaay before I didn't like them at all.
Authentic. Came out s/s 2006 if I recall correctly.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryan24 Hey, I posted this in the Diesel section but, but thought everyone should know about the sale. Starts at noon edt. I have no affiliation with this site so this isnt spam. I did buy some oliver peoples shades from them today. The site is invite only so you can use this link to join. ryan24 welcomes you to Gilt Groupe If you dont use this link you might not get access to the site before the...
Really hawt (the body, not the skirt lol) ETA: Never liked any of the R&R skulls to be honest
jacovljevic, kinda wish you didn't delete that post!
Do you have more photos of him in the same jeans? Need more visual clues.
Awesome pics.. I feel like I'm there. lol
DROOOOLS Especially the bottom right pair
Not purchased directly from supplier, might involve middle man/other distributors
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