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Ugh, you guys are making me hungreee. I'm going to get some bread and (homemade) tapenade.
This has been a recurring problem with a bunch of items in the past few months. However, you can PM me and I'll be happy to edit prices/description/etc or mark it as sold if you need. Although in some instances it might be easier to delete the post altogether and start anew to get the edit button back again.
Hey there, welcome!
So sparkly!
NYCE, ah, what a riot. Good ole LiveChat days.
Infraction for next person that changes name title.
Some posts/threads/members get deleted fairly quickly. Quite unfortunate.
Do you want an infraction, or do you want an infraction? Quit reposting your own damn Manolo Blahnik eBay link everywhere on the forum.
I have yet to see something in that style that is remotely wearable. And you are going to Italy! You may be better off with a regular bag. Check some of the European fashion blogs.
You are allowed to post eBay links as long as it's a live auction that does not belong to you. BINS are totally okay as long as they're in the right section.
New Posts  All Forums: