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Back to pictures now guys Everyone has their own opinions on what is style and what is not, everyone is different, lets just keep the drama in this thread to a minimum, dont wanna get it locked
Yeah he sold them to a HFer in the mall
Lol those are Adams ^^
I started my shopping ban yesterday (1st June) Its lasting 3 months Unless i find matic 8ee then thats allowed.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZathanZaf real or fake zathan 772? DIESEL ZATHAN 772 JEANS 28 X 31 2004 X ROTUCK THANAZ - eBay (item 250254008532 end time Jun-06-08 19:01:51 PDT) Im going with real but wait for the experts
I have some cheap monday dry skinnys im working on, only been about 5/6 wears at the moment though and i FINALLY found my long lost loves S&S Rachels I really cant wait to receive them!
Hey johnni Welcome to HF im glad you found us, Im Lorna, im from England and im 19, ive been a member here for ages and a moderator too, if you need any help with anything at all or just wanna talk or get to know someone im right here, just a pm away I really hope you are gonna like HF. xx.
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess I saw it last night and loved it! Samantha totally stole the whole show. Now, I'm tempted to buy all 6 seasons of DVDs since I've never seen a single episode. Do it!! You wont regret it honestly they are great, Ageeees ago when i saw it for the first time i was hooked and watched a whole season in a day or so lol.
I loved the film i thought it was great, although im a huge fan ive got all 6 seasons an seen them more than twice lol but i loved the movie Great way to end it i think. I know its a lot about fashion but some of the clothes in this movie were down right awful lol.
I voted yes because if you dont like how you look in white jeans an you wont wear them but want to wear them as crops then do it, they are your jeans, i would crop them cause i dont think white bootcut/flared jeans look all that good, i prefer the look of them in crops/skinnys/straights but crops are more summery and if it means youl like them and wear them go for it
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