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Those are stock photos so do you know where the images came from? We might be able to help then! They look similar to Current/Elliott but the seams on the back and the slit in the pocket are not right, neither is the button.
    I made a post on DenimBlog today, all about the patchwork jeans trend and how it's quite popular at the moment. It sort of crops up here and there over the years, but a lot of brands have brought out their own take on the trend. I'm interested in knowing what your thoughts are on it? http://www.denimblog.com/2013/02/patchwork-jeans/
Great jeans karacho and phukette!
Lol! What's going on in here! Whose house am I cleaning? And they aren't focusing well on washes for women it's more colours and abstract prints now actually lol.
811P sure is pretty! I wish they would come out with some really nice washes for women. They seem to be lacking now with women's jeans.
Those are some metal flower decorations at Somerset House in London. They usually have some cool decorations going on when I go!And thank you everyone for the comments!
Oh I love Jeremy and Top Gear! I'm sure it's not 'reasonably priced' though, ha ha.
I tend to repeat a lot of outfits if I really like them, but I don't take new photos as they would just double up. So I've worn both of these outfits recently, again with my Jegonfire. I love these jeans so much! Finally the Skinzee are online, but the wash I want isn't out yet. They have a darker blue, which is pretty, but the price isn't!  
I'm agreeing with most, from a female perspective, I think they need to slouch a little more. They aren't hideous or anything, they could just look better if they were looser. I have the Jogg jeans too, the women's ones obviously lol, and they are so comfortable. They are like sweat pants!
Jogg jeans are definitely comfortable, I have some, but they aren't flattering. I would suggest trying jeggings if you still want to look good when you want comfort. I absolutely live in my jeggings and like you I have sensitive skin, so you want to avoid any jeans with polyester in the fabric make up. The polyester is what causes that scratchy itchy feeling on your legs which is irritating. The best fabric make up is cotton and elastane and you can find jeggings by so...
New Posts  All Forums: