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I probably wouldn't add any badges, when I plan on doing mine it's gonna be simple with just some different patches of denim in different shades and sizes and maybe a couple of minimal floral patches integrated into that. I think that will look pretty for Spring!
One of today's outfits wearing Hudson Nico in white!  
Good luck with it! Hopefully you find something!
I love this! Those red Livier are great!
Looking good Phukette and Dieselolic! Loving the looks!
I love this wash so much! They fit you really well!
Sounds cool! I'm really eager to see the new styles in April, I'm excited to know that there will be some Livier Ankle styles as well as the Skinzee. I really really hope they bring out some good washes, I'm holding my hopes up high!
@aahz I love that double denim! The denim jacket looks great against the wash of the jeans!
LOL! No offense was taken at all, don't worry!
Did you see anything for the ladies? I'm headed to the press day in April in London, so I will get as many pics as I can then, but just wondering in advance what you saw for the women? Thanks!   Also, is that London headquarters you were at? It looks very identical to the upstairs section they have there!
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