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Oh that will be so much fun! I've never been snowmobiling before, but I would love to. There's never enough snow round these parts though lol!
There were loads of amazing looks! I loved Amanda Seyfried's though and all of these, there's always too many to mention!
@Aahz I love the wash on that jacket! It's gorgeous!   @Dieselolic your style is always so clean and sharp! I love it!
My vote would be 811P too, it's really pretty!
That's a really good question! I haven't seen any either, I would assume around the elbows and shoulder area might get some wear, but I don't know if anywhere else would?
Thank you! I love white skinny jeans, I think they are so fresh!
Welcome to the site! You are definitely in the right place if you love denim!
You sound like me as a collector! I've been collecting since I was 16 (24 now) and I think I must have in the region of 300 pairs of jeans! Maybe a little bit more. I've let quite a lot go over the years, to lessen the collection, but I have such an obsession and addiction to denim, I can't help it! Even the ones that don't fit me anymore and are really pretty I wont let them go, for that reason. You would be suprised actually just how many people love jeans and denim in...
Very big welcome to you! Living in France for a while must have been great!
I'm a Nikon user, but both Canon and Nikon are equally as good as each other, they are great brands. It just depends really on which brand you wish to go with. I love Nikon as they are so easy to use and you can use pretty much all of the SLR lenses on the different bodies, so even if you upgrade the camera to something better, you can keep all your old lenses. Can you do that with Canon? I don't know as I've never tried. We originally had the Nikon D40, which was a good...
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