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That is a great look, love the camo jacket too and the jeans fit you really good!
There is also Den. M Bar in Los Angeles, they create them there for you after measuring you and everything like that http://www.denmbar.com  
Thanks! How do yours fit you? :)
Oh that would be great to see yours too! Have you posted them anywhere?
Yeah I think they might turn out really nicely!   Thanks Jen!
Yeah you are right there, it's all to do with your personality which is what makes fashion so important. If everyone dressed the same, that would be so boring. Fashion statements are made by pure expression of yourself. Glad you found DenimBlog and share our passion for the blue fabric!
Here are a couple more of my recent looks:    
Thank you so much!
I thought I would just make this thread so I can keep up to date with my photos. I got the Tight Long John in Organic Twill Rinsed which are unisex and so far have had them a week. I'm going to be updating on the blog like I have with 2 posts already, but I thought it would be cool to add other photos here and have everything in one place! So here are some photos to start off with and here are 2 links from the blog posts I have...
Yeah I know what you mean as the armpits are one of the first to get smelly and germy, so that's a good question.
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