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I think this is a story that many of us here can definitely relate to! Hopefully you like it here and join in more than just reading!
Hi! Welcome to the forum! I know numerous guys who like to wear women's jeans! Whatever suits your body shape the most, doesn't matter what gender the clothes are. I own some men's clothes myself!
That happened many years ago when YOOX accidentally sold a batch of fake jeans, I don't know how it happened and how the jeans ended up in there. It could have been somehow a bait and switch where customers ordered their jeans then sent fake ones back and YOOX didn't know. But they haven't sold fake jeans in years, they are a reputable company so don't worry. If you are worried though just post tag photos in the authenticy thread here and we can help you!
Oh yeah they will be great for it! They keep your feet cool too since they are canvas and light weight!
I recently made a post on the blog about the new Diesel + EDUN collaboration and they have some pretty cool denim pieces. The original link is here, but I have posted some of the denim pieces here too! http://www.denimblog.com/2013/03/diesel-edun-party-collection/              
It's not jeans, but I'm obsessed with my new TOMS! I love them! I can't believe I haven't tried them before now! And hopefully I will be adding a pair of Diesel jeans to this thread soon as the Skinzee I have been eagerly awaiting have been released!  
I've seen those in person and I actually really quite liked them, I don't remember them being as sandy as that but then I probably saw a pair with less sand since they are individual, but I think the faint pinstripes are really cool.
Hmm that's tough then if the black marker didn't work. Did you try a permanent one? On waxed jeans usually the white marks are things rubbing against the wax coating, which much like candles, turns that creamy white colour so it wont come off with rubbing, that usually makes it worse from experience. You don't want to wash them like you said because they are waxed, but a permanent black marker should work on the wax, a regular one wont as it would be washable and would...
Have you thought about getting a waistband extender? Those do it for you. But if you check my blog post which is linked in the very first post on page one of this thread, you can also just try wet stretching them and wearing them. Are you able to get your jeans on? It usually only works for jeans you can at least get on but are incredibly tight and wont button up well etc because if they are much too small and you can't get them past your hips, it's unlikely they will...
Your cat is like 'what are you doing?!' lol so sweet! Great wash though! I like the combination of the denim shirt with the jeans, very nice! Loving both of these! The 8NE are great!
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