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Yeah it's still really gloomy, it was snowing earlier and it's freezing! We have a Nikon D7000 and that specific lens is the 50mm, we find the D7000 works better with a fixed lens. We have a long one (I forget the mm) but they tend to be more blurry on me with that one. What camera do you use?
An outfit with my Skinzee 0811X. Channeling mint this time for spring, well supposed to be spring, but it's not. There's also more photos and a long review on the blog if anyone is interested http://www.denimblog.com/2013/03/denim-review-diesel-skinzee-0811x/  
On the blog here you go http://www.denimblog.com/2012/11/denim-review-rag-bone-the-cropped-skinny-in-destroyed-chester/ Great outfit Aahz! These are gorgeous!
Yeah the freezing thing was never properly thought out I don't think, it just makes the bacteria lie dormant until you put it on your body again and heat it up, it comes straight back to life. So I heard, I've never personally tried it though. It would probably kill off some, depending how cold you put the jeans, but definitely not all.
I don't find the Skinzee to be as flattering a lot of older Diesel jeans like Matic etc. I also would recommend the regular The Skinny jean from Rag & Bone more so than their Legging fit. The Legging when I tried them were really not flattering, they were quite thin and not great on the butt, but their The Skinny jean is so much nicer! They are a regular jean, but they are so soft and really flattering on the butt! Did you see my review on the Rag & Bone The Skinny in...
Tight Long John are more like a thicker denim basic skinny jean, the leg opening is 6" and they are completely a jean, where as the Skinzee is a jegging, so cross between a legging and jean which makes it super super stretchy and skin tight. The Skinzee is like a second skin where as Tight Long Jean is a basic average sized skinny jean. I would definitely pick Skinzee over Tight Long John for myself, but that depends on if your fiance wears jeggings and likes jeans super...
Thank you :) That's very kind! It's not inappropriate, any comments are always welcome :) I've been here long enough ha ha! That's very nice of you though! It would seem that way! I'm very flattered!
I finally got my Skinzee 0811X in, it's been a long while since I had a new pair of Diesel jeans. Thoughts? It's my first time trying this new cut and it's super skinny which I love. The wash doesn't come up very well in the photos though, so I included the stock photo for reference as it looks exactly like it. What do you think? For reference I took 27/30 as I have short legs. Excuse the bad images, without my boyfriend here to take my photos I am stuck with my phone...
Since I'm a girl, I generally keep quiet about this as girls are supposed to be super clean kinda thing. I'm clean, but I rarely ever wash my jeans. I always find my jeans so beautiful when I first get them and I know they will be ok after one wash on cool and no drying, but I still rarely ever do it, unless I have got them dirty or they really do need to be washed after a long time. I think the only time to worry about washing is if they are coated and waxed as that can...
I'm loving some of these creative photos! My Skinzee are in the mail so I hope they get here soon!!!!
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