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I'm inclined to say that would be purely because you are young and haven't found 'the one' yet And karacho, those are amazing!!!!
It's definitely a done deal, I got the press release from Diesel a couple of days ago and plan on making a blog post soon. Here is some info from the press release before I post though so you guys can see first. I'm not sure what I think though!  
Woohoo! Congratulations! Excited to see the pics!   And here is a photo of my shoes for you guys!  
Unfortunately I couldn't take a full length shot myself, but I wore this to go to the cinema the other day. I watched Identity Thief which was hilarious. My new Skinzee!    
In my personal experience, I would give all your info to Paypal as soon as possible, before they contact you. I have had some issues in the past where cases have just been closed and Paypal never contacted me, things like that, so from those past experiences I would recommend getting in touch with Paypal, perhaps try calling them, explain to them everything and give them your proof, make sure they know personally that you are in the right here. Paypal can be tricky, most...
I totally understand you. I used to love the days I would get so excited and have to have this pair and that pair, I would spend hours searching for them, but I no longer feel that way because the washes are lacking quite a lot in comparison to the older washes. I really hope at some point they can get them back to be going good. How was GI Joe? I'm seeing that soon I hope!
I'm headed to the press day in London on the 10th so will be seeing the collection soon! I'm pretty excited, I will take as many photos as I'm allowed to and take down as much info as I can as well!
You guys are so kind! Thank you all so much for voting, that means a lot to me! It's device based so only one vote per computer/phone/tablet etc works. I appreciate all of your votes! I really hope I can win!
Oh thank you! That's so kind of you!
Oh yeah making the switch is difficult if you have all the parts for Canon, it would require a whole new buying session. Same for us, we have Nikon lenses which are usable on pretty much any Nikon SLR so that makes it really easy to stick with the brand. I don't think there is much difference between the two brands though, I've seen some Canon cameras around the same spec as Nikon produce photos that are about the same, I think it's all down to the person behind the...
New Posts  All Forums: