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Nice fits everyone! I like the Thanaz!
Sorry I missed this, I actually have no idea. They didn't have any specific placements on the rails like the ladies. The ladies was split into two sections for that, but the guys stuff was placed randomly anywhere so I actually have no idea what's pre and what's normal. Sorry!
Which ones are those? I saw quite a few and everything I saw I took photos of, I don't remember seeing a wash that blue and dark, but the image could be enhanced to make them look darker maybe. I'm not sure! I know what you mean, I've been trying to get the blog upgraded for some time, months, but Dave is looking into finding a programmer to fix it up as it's quite complex when the site is huge. I'm hoping it will be soon though, but the new gallery system is much much...
Oh gosh loads of questions lol, I'm answering them below! That red Thavar is 818V and the next one to the right is 820D, but the 3rd one in is also 818V, so I am assuming the red one and the black/grey one are both a fashion pant, so same wash code in different colours. The sandy Shioner is 817H and the ripped bluey/white Darron is 818Y :) They were definitely one of the prettiest, and the Darron! This one is Wayke or something like that, I can only make out the Way... on...
Here is the press day post! http://www.denimblog.com/?p=145352
I didn't see any Fanker there in the collection, but they didn't have everything on show. I would say that was like 25% of the collection...
This is a great look! And Levislad, love Thavar 8B9!
I saw the collection on Wednesday and was SO disappointed by the guys stuff. Mostly everything was printed or bright coloured! There was next to no classic blue washes at all, but I find they do that often now, only show the crazy and more wild pieces at press day and then release the regular jeans throughout the months instead. I quite liked some of the women's, but I wasn't overly fond of it, nothing really blew me away. I will be making the post tomorrow on the blog,...
Something casual for me today, Staffy! I actually scored these on eBay for an amazing price of £10! Badly listed They are one of my favourites for comfort  
My boyfriend wears Common Projects and shoes of a similar look with all of his Thavar and they look good!
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