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Outfit from Friday! Wearing Paige Denim!  
I can see the leather is slightly softer in texture in comparison to the coated denim, but I think the coated denim look great. The colour is nice and dark so it's very versatile! The main thing though is do you love them? That's what counts!
Hey welcome to DenimBlog! Hope you like it here!
Loving all of the the Thavars! It's one of the best cuts!
Selfridges is a UK department store, they have a few stores in the big cities, one being London on Oxford Street, another in Birmingham and 2 in Manchester. They are also online, however I don't know if this collaboration will be online.
Thavar is one of my favourite guys cuts! I find it always fits well. Everyone is looking great! These are the same Jegonfire jeans, but with a different outfit.  
Thank you everyone! Your comments are really appreciated! Don't worry, I will most more photos soon!   @Levislad, he's sort of over the whole forum thing and not really interested in it anymore, sorry!
Yep! That's me well remembered! And I still remember you too. I often see your name when I'm browsing it's good you are still here! And I'm still with Adam actually ha ha! He still wears Diesel too!
Thanks! Yeah it also says in my location on the top right, ha ha :) Thanks! I hope so too! It would be great to see more ladies in Diesel! And don't worry I will have some more pics! I own many many Diesel jeans! Probably somewhere in the region of 30, but a lot of them I don't wear anymore and just keep as collectors jeans really.
You do all seem very nice, things have changed a lot over the years It's why I checked first though, I didn't want to impose! And thank you, when I first saw these online I wasn't impressed as the Diesel site really doesn't do their jeans any justice with the photos they take, but I saw them in store on Carnaby Street and fell in love then I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mid blue wash Skinzees!
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