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Hi! Have you looked into MET Jeans? They have really low rises all around, including the front and definitely the back. Not all of their cuts do, but their Angel cut (I think it's called) has a really low rise. I've also had really low back rises on the older Diesel Matic and Lowky cut. They are fairly low!
Thank you! Glad you like them!
Welcome to DenimBlog!
Welcome to DenimBlog!!
Cool post Jonathan! I'm certain jeans will carry on being super skinny, stretchy and comfortable as that's what most women want and live in now as it's easier to wear. More prints, colours, fabrics and coatings will still be popular for a long while I'm sure. So many brands have done everything possible for jeans, so I am not sure what can come next. They would probably have to re-visit older trends and update them rather than bring in new ones.
Loving that purple blazer Phukette!
Everyone's looking great! I've not worn any Diesel for a little bit so I don't have any new photos yet!
As I'm female I don't know about the sizing comparison, but I do know that raw denim stretch out at least a size with wear. It's always best to get them really right to begin with and then you have to go through the painful uncomfortable stage for a while until they become wearable and bearable. That's what I do!
WOW! These are insane!
You can do what you want with them, you can wear them and wash them as much as you want to. If you aren't looking to create fades and creases then it doesn't matter. Raw denim is simply denim in it's raw form, it's not washed or treated, so you will only be washing it yourself to soften it up like they would do at a wash factory. Don't worry too much! Just wear them however you want to!
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