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I might be able to help you out a bit! If you want to send me a message
This is so cool!!!! It looks like it does at Diesel headquarters! They display them just like that, you did an amazing job!
I'm seeing the new SS14 collection next Wednesday at Diesel headquarters, so I can update you guys on what I see then!
They do vary, my boyfriend has a darker blue pair in Thavar, but he saw a pair in store which were much lighter. They must be from different runs or different LABs I think. I remember having 81M years ago, one pair was really light and had nicer stitching on the leather patch, the other was much darker and the stitching was different. They do vary a lot when from different lines. Don't they still product 8B9 now? It's been out ages, so it might have changed over the...
No problem!
He does have great pictures! What camera do you use @Aahz? We have a Nikon D7000, but we use it for shooting for my blog, that's why
I love these autumn photos and the double denim going on! I realised I haven't posted in here in ages! Here are some of my outfits, wearing Diesel Fayza jeans. I get a mixed response on these. Girls like them, guys tend to not like them since they are not 'flattering' but I'm fine with whatever. Sometimes girls need comfort too, ha ha. I actually scored these at TK Maxx for £24.99!      
Hey guys! I thought I would post this here too. I got exclusive content from Diesel yesterday to be posted today on launch day. It includes the campaign for SS14 which was shot entirely on iPhone 5C and it also includes the new pieces, designed by Nicola. He took inspiration from the Diesel archives, from their really old pieces and incorporated it into new designs. It seems like there is a lot of patchwork going on too. You can read the full article on the blog here...
I agree on infinite scroll, it's really useful as when someone gets to the bottom of the page it auto loads the new page regardless if they read it or not, so it counts as a page view. However with infinite scroll the minimum posts per page is 7, unless a programmer could change that, but it's definitely a good idea. Something clean like the mock ups is definitely in need, minimal and fresh. The sites that seem to do well are the ones that are easy to use, clean and...
    I am really interested in knowing whether or not the guys prefer distressed or plain jeans? I wrote a little article on the issue on the blog this morning and I would love for you to read it and share your thoughts! Either in a comment on the blog or here, I don't mind. Distressed jeans used to be so popular, but they don't seem to be anymore. Which do you prefer?  http://www.denimblog.com/2013/05/do-you-male-readers-prefer-distressed-or-plain-jeans/
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