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My boyfriend bought some brand new Thavar Jogg Jeans for SS14 in Harvey Nichols last week, I will see if I can snap a photo of them for you!
This one is for the ladies, or the lady friends of the guys! Freshly posted just now on the blog! http://www.denimblog.com/2013/11/diesel-womens-spring-summer-2014-press-day/
In real life, the wash is darker blue. It's not so white and it's more 3D looking with the whiskers. It's super pretty though, really nice looking!
You are all welcome!
Unfortunately I don't know the price of the jacket, they don't have prices listed during press day as everything there is a sample. I also couldn't see a tag on it, so I don't know much about it. It will be available a little later down the line I think, I don't think it was part of the pre-season collection.  Oh right, I wasn't even paying attention lol. You are correct then.It's a Thavar cut, so fairly slim. That blue one I posted is Thavar.
I'm not sure if the Thavar 0829B would be a blue icon, it comes in women's cuts too, so I think it might be just more of a standard wash? Or did you mean another one to make the 4th?
It's called 0829B that one! It's pretty in person, it has a lot going on though, so it's quite a stand out wash.
Here you go guys! http://www.denimblog.com/2013/11/diesel-mens-springsummer-2014-press-day/
Sorry guys, I'm here. I've been hectic!   I wasn't overly impressed. They had some really pretty washes for the women though, but men's to me was a little bland. I will have photos up this week for you all and will link to them. But they had a blue with painted camo print over it, a black coated shiny waxed pair, dark burgundy, olive and cream, some dark blues etc. But they had a few 3D pairs with good crinkling and whiskering on the go. It's hard to explain without...
Thank you! Loving your burgundy bomber jacket, but then you already know that!
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