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Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed You dont have to go anywhere to find your name , other than to scroll down to the bottom of the page where it shows everyone who's online. If youre online, your name will be down there and all you have to do is click on that. Ahh, I didn't even think of that. Thanks Kelly, that makes my life so much easier.
ohh but i think what she's saying is that she has to find her username in the member list or in a post to do that. it would be easier if they were just somewhere in the user cp.
I got my first tattoo when I was 15. I don't regret it (now 20), but I wish I had researched artists better. I went to this place that has a great reputation in Toronto, but because it was a simple black rose, the guy did a freehand sketch on transfer paper over the computer graphic I brought in in like 2 min and it looks kinda weird at certain angles. If she hates it later, she can always get something over it! That's the beauty of tattoos. Kinda.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonicvoodoo if investing were all about technical analysis, every MBA would be a billionaire.......keep everything simple, find an industry ya like, find a stock in that industry ya like.......do some research and track the stock for a while..set expectations....buy stock keeping those expectations in mind....set a stop loss..sell the stock if it doesn't meet your short term expectation....DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TAKE A LOSS..there...
etrade has a lot of hidden fees and might be better once you learn a bit more about investing. since you're in canada, i'd recommend bmo/cibc. td is the most expensive. cibc is marginally less expensive than bmo, but the bmo platform is extremely easy to use and really good for first time investors. i'm pretty sure you don't pay an annual fee (must be above a certain minimum) and pay $25 per trade (buy/sell). to start, just go to their website and you can fill out an...
Be a financial analyst - even Marc Jacobs needs somebody to balance his books. Buying also requires good math skills.
i suck
Some of you know my straightener fried when I went to London and I'm looking into getting a new one. Namely, this one: GHD Ceramic Hair Straightener (MK4) Value Pack, MK4.1 Folica Value Pack, Free Shipping My question is - have any of you used this straightener in different countries? It says here it has a universal voltage converter. I want to make sure it won't fry like my Chi. I had planned on buying another straightener when I go to Europe and then reselling...
Quote: Originally Posted by mdg1976 strangest thread ever lol i used to use the coach lips lanyard. coach makes the cutest ones! current cell phone does not have the space for one.
Nvm! Just realized that price is higher than U.S. retail.
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