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are you in canada or the u.s.? i think your friend is right. i think you would declare the income come april, and have a tax liability instead of refund. when i interned in the summer, i filled out a form at the beginning and taxes were deducted from my pay. is this a smaller company?
I have this same problem too... thanks for the tips, I def want to try the Bobbi Brown. You can also get permanent eyeliner on your lower lid, right? I'm thinking about doing that.
cop-outs: youtube, sidereel, etc. revolveclothing bc they have new stuff practically everyday icanhazacheezburger or w.e., perezhilton, wikipedia
they had them on sale at hautelook awhile ago for about $100 i'm sure people will resell on eBay too side note: i have them and love them. they're def worth it
i thread once a week and it hurts like a bitch for me if i wait longer than a week, it's very painful but that's only bc i have coarse hair i like the way my face looks after threading as opposed to waxing and it's easier to get a nicer shape with threading.
i love the reaction blue!
I had an interviewer tell me I came across as arrogant and still made it to the next round. It's all relative.
^ those are so hot!
the buyer pm'd me? very odd
brickbreaker though i can't seem to break 10,000
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