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Quote: Originally Posted by Mihalis nay! boring washes and bad cuts couldn't agree more. never found a pair that fit me right when i was in my prepster phase.
I'm going to try all of those, thank you! It looks homemade to me, but what do I know? It's like a gravy colour (greyish brown) and is very salty and mildly spicy with chillies.
Does anybody know how I can find one that does this in the Toronto area or any tips on how to search? Do all chefs do this? I want to get a recipe for my friend's birthday. He loves the chili sauce served at this Chinese food restaurant nearby but we can't figure out the recipe.
That's not what I paid. I've had items marked at $20, and paid $20 brokerage. The online calculator did not give me the same figure.
** Sorry I made a typo, it was $25
I ordered a bunch of stuff for my closet (the hanging rods that double your closet space, hangers, etc.) and specified and paid extra for USPS Global Express instead of UPS which charges brokerage fees to Canada. It was an extra ~$13. The seller shipped via UPS and I had to pay $40 in brokerage fees on top of that which would not have been the case if he had shipped via USPS like I paid for - it was a $15 purchase, should have been 10 bucks in customs fees, max. The...
from the revolve sale. i was good - less than $50 good.
oh, also, he couldn't have personally inspected your computer at the beginning of the exam, or this wouldn't have happened. he didn't do his job properly, which is what contributed to this happening.
Quote: Originally Posted by sillywahine GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! What the hell is gonna happen to me now!!?? write an apology letter to the same person saying the same thing you wrote here you knew your test was being proctored and that the invigilator was sitting behind you you were one of the first in the class and decided to spend your spare time doing other things you minimized it instead of closing it without thinking once the...
New Posts  All Forums: