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Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell me neither! i love the colors!! Nail polish is my obsession! It all started with Siberian Nights... It has become a bottle-a-week addiction. And Annie, yep, LQ . That thread on tPF got me wondering. I'm already planning my next one - the colours are gorgeous.
This was over the past two weeks - on a ban now. Some more stuff from the Revolve sale.... A ton of make-up from MAC Some "business casual" attire from H&M that is too depressing to describe Aritzia Pre-Sale - Long Black TNA Cowl Neck Hoodie - Tan Semi-Sheer Wilfred Cardigan Nail Polish - Zoya "Suvi" - OPI "Dating a Royal" - OPI "Purple with a Purpose" - OPI "Dulce de Leche"
What is next on your list of purchase, be it next week or a year from now? At the end of the summer, I'm getting a Chanel classic flap... If I can save enough.
i'm on a bit of a scarf kick and love the colours they have. they're apparently really soft and comfortable.
Did anybody watch Turkey v. Switzerland? MAN, Turkey plays dirty!
I made a thread: http://www.honestforum.com/wanted/15...ests-here.html
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f I wonder how much this movie will increase Vivienne Westwood's popularity i wasn't sure, but the fashion week show they attended - that was vivienne westwood too, right? that gown was tdf
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f Is it just me or is the guy who plays Smith looking hella haggard? I noticed that too. Big looks really different too... More feminine, to be exact. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. I saw it yesterday and was neither wow-ed nor disappointed. It was just... fine. I guess it's difficult to live up to the hype it created. The clothing was amazing though.
my friends figured it would be hell today, so we're going tomorrow for the 6:50 show. i'm very excited.
wrist hurt least for me (probably because it was tiny) and pelvis hurt most. anything over bone is unpleasant. my artist says that some of the most painful spots are sternum, back of knee, ribcage
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