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abstained cant vote liberal with dion in leadership
i like quentin and claude scarves for guys
the album won't load for me
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder she is not obligated to help you. you are the one breaking the contract so every bit of the responsibility of finding a sublet falls on you. it would benefit her to help since she will be living with whoever the new person is for the next year, but if she doesn't seem interested just find anyone who is willing. as far as the price, if you and your roommate agreed on a $605/455 split then you must find a sublet who...
I transferred schools for all of four days and am going back to my old school. I signed a lease for an apartment for 12 months by the new school and was living with a girl from my program that I don't know and met through Facebook. I'm looking for a new person for her to live with right now. When it comes to finding someone, how do I proceed? I know that it would be gracious to wait until she meets someone she's comfortable with, but I'm still paying rent. I don't want...
Apply online to the bigger chain stores AND deliver your resume in person. Mention that you applied online and you just wanted to meet them as well. Personalize each cover letter you do, even if it's only one or two lines.
I got the one I ordered a few days ago and am unimpressed. The pashmina I bought from H&M is SO much softer! The colour is very vibrant though, I guess that's a plus.
I'm in the middle of packing. I'm so paranoid I'm going to forget something. Lists are so key! As soon as you remember something, jot it down. And go through a normal day and jot down the things that you use. Where are you heading?
Ella Moss Carlie V Neck This is first on my to buy list after my shopping ban is over.
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