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mixed race babies grow up to be really good looking people should be more accepting, if only to make the world a prettier place
i'm a little obsessed with this bag
The shopbop/chickdowntown lookbooks are pretty dece
I wish I had logged on at 11! It completely slipped my mind. By the time I checked in the afternoon, everything was completely sold out. The stuff was DIRT CHEAP!
A friend of mine went through the interview process in Canada and she is African-American. I don't think they're necessarily looking for a predominantly Caucasian staff... they just want a certain "look"; big white smile, straight long hair and a nice body. I'm not sure about OT laws but if you're salaried in Canada (which I think you may be because it's a management position?), your contract should stipulate X pro rata with Y expected hours. No overtime. Questions...
i like
Indeed I have. Ghd for the win!
thanks guys
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