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I'm in Canada and when I left London, it was the same thing - like 12% from Selfridges and random amounts from other stores. I thought the store was responsible for the "admin fee"? Ex. At Zara, they explicitly told me I'd only be getting 12.x% back.
facebook.com #1 globeandmail.com dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com fmylife.com failblog.org whowhatweardaily.com forum.purseblog.com wallstreetoasis.com nicube.com urbanoutfitters.com
everybody needs to listen to andrew ross sorkin (and biodiesel): Charlie Rose - Andrew Ross Sorkin on the future of the "Big Three" automakers.. STRUCTURED CHAPTER 11! also, yes, blame the unions. the most basic theory of economics is supply and demand. uneducated, unskilled workers should not be making $50k a year. they should be paid a market-based wage since wage expense is definitely part of the problem.
i like the first pair better
Need some help with starting to look for property. Send me a PM if you know anything (at all) about estate agents.
i saw something similar at karmaloop.. i think the brand was kr3w but i can't find it anymore. it was hooded but it had the epaulets.
i think patent is 'trendy' and should be dressed up for the most part.. so i'd go with matte black flats i have a pair from aldo that i replace every 6 months. similar to these: BLACKPOOL - Women's City Fashion Shoes for sale at ALDO Shoes. but with a knot design on the toe.
a ton of crap from abercrombie and hollister to sleep/bum around in that i'm sure nobody is interested in m by mj shoes (over half off at plaza too!) viv&ingrid jewellry from hautelook
5'3, 45 kilos slightly underweight WOOHOO!
she reminds me of the guy who plays jessica biel's gay brother in i now pronounce you chuck and larry srsly
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