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I'm uber n00b to R&R. I posted once prior to the shut down asking about crowns but forgot to ask about its sizing. I wear 29 rigid in sfam and 28 stretch, what size would i be in the crowns? And do you guys have a topic somewhere that lists what styles are like straight leg and bootcut alogn with its sizing. I'd love to nab some R&Rs but dont even know how to look for it =(
gotta stock up on jeans for the fall since theyre a bit cheaper now! Plus im more of a shorts person =) you should post pics when you get them!
Pros and cons? For the longest time i have avoided flares at all costs. I'm put under the impression that it will make my legs look fat and stumpy (im 5'4" size 28/29, not exactly a stacy kiebler) But now i'm thinking, well i havent worn flares since like middle school. Maybe i could be wrong, so why do you guys prefer flares and why do you prefer straightleg? Reason why i buy straight leg and bootcuts its for the opposite reason i dont buy flares of course, i...
lost! Well i dont mind. I didnt want to spend more than $50 shipped. It ended at a little over $50
before connster bought it i was debating over it for the longest time. Glad i didnt coz i need to buy more jeans =D
Tank q!!! it took me forever to finally log in @_@ they said they cut off the size tag O_o kinda wierd but it looks ok to me. Could i be wrong?
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