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you guys try to match with the orange? I have a pari and i dont care, i match with the wash which means i wear mostly anything with it
link to sellers on ebay?
Quote: Originally Posted by theherman Rhythmatic, you could have addressed this issue with me personally via PM, and are still free to do so, thanks. did i list your name? no? So you can pat yourself on your back for outing yourself. And you know what? I already gave u a lengthy pm about my feelings on your selling tactics. If you'd like me to repost it for everyone to see, its your call
hey jotorious, if u decide u cant keep them. I know someone who will buy those off you. in fact. shes dying to buy Lily's in that size. Shes been searching now for months.
the only beef i have is with some sellers. Like i was promised these jeans one time. And i was going to pay after i came back from work. I get back and their thread said they sold the jeans. They tell me sorry and say that they normally give the jeans to whoever asks for paypal addy first. But no where in their thread says that. Its like "how am i supposed to read your mind seriously wtf?" Espcually when they told me to take my time with the payment that they'll wait for...
so i paid $5 for nothing? I'm gonna kick someones butt. I'm vietnamese. We need that $5!!!
i paid!!! stop redirecting me. wait. it stopped. Whoa....awesome
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