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Hawaii has a pretty decent selection of outlet stores and they're all gathered in one area, which is called Waikele Premium Outlets. Also, I think I remember stores like Dior and Chanel in Ala Moana having the cheapest prices in all of the US, I forgot what the reason was exactly but they'd be worth checking out if you or your girlfriends are into those brand names. Have fun!
and a shot with the shoes
^agreed. Happy birthday trippybrowneyes
it's from a store called V? prices were good, like this was under $20. i don't know if V is a local brand or not though
first post and a close-up of the necklace EDIT: wow i'm sorry the pics are huge, i resized them before posting but it just won't budge!
thanks for your reply malves btw, is that a scottish terrier in your avy?
I *think* they look good but I only have one pair in this style so I'd love to get your opinions please
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenKid0505 I am pretty much a god at Call of Duty 4, so feel free to ask me any questions and I will be more than happy to provide you with answers. I've only started playing Call of Duty 4 and I'm pretty terrible at it so if you have any sort of tips to getting better besides don't get shot (which I try to do) and shoot the others (which I also try to do), send them my way haha OP, sorry for being off topic but I...
whatever you choose to wear, just make sure it fits you really well and looks as if you had it specially tailored just for you and don't forget just the right amount of an awesome cologne. enjoy prom night!
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