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Yay! I finally got one of these. They are pretty tricky at first so this was a great help to me. Thanks Kelley!
I really like my ex's mom (more then I like him). She is a super nice person and her birthday was last week and even though we are not together I got her a small gift.
Lead singers of: Coheed & Cambria A simple plan Parisite Hilton Fall out Boy All american rejects Britney Spears Lil John Shaggy
Quote: Originally Posted by Shelly Anyone know how Ireland Crops run? I'm a TTS 26... Would they be too big on me? I know Ireland doesn't stretch much. If I am not mistaken I think these do run small. Ask the buyer for measurements to be sure.
Yeah it is definitely legit but I have made a purchase from them using their "Free shipping" for an item that was in stock and it took FOREVER to get to me.
Imagine having to go through life everyday knowing you killed someone who cared about you / you cared about. That is horrible.
Jim Morrisson Like this but cuter
Those are beautiful on you. I need to get a new pair since I ripped mine
I like #1, #3 and #5 the best. As for resale, I am not too sure because I don't share the same taste as everyone else.
Depeche Mode since 1980 . . . when I was 2
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