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Those look authentic to me.  You won't see the Italian colors unless the jeans were made in Italy; these were not.
wow, spastic
Sorry for asking a shoe question in the Diesel forum, but I figure this is the best place to get an answer. Also, I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for... If you own both Mark Nason and Kenneth Cole shoes, can you please post the size you wear in each? I'm generally a size 10 in KC. I've heard MN run a half or full size larger. What's your experience? Thanks in advance.
Not to boast, but I scored a pair for the missus about 18 months ago for $40 on eBay. GREAT jeans. But watch out for fakes!!!
I wear 30x32 in most Zathans, including the '06 washes. I tried on a pair of 764s in 31x32 recently and they were too big. I would have needed a 30x32, but they didn't have any in stock.
... maybe size 24 is going to be ridiculously small, regardless of wash...
I gave my baby sis (who's at UNC, by the way, BC3) a pair of size 24 Lowky BC 60Bs, because her normal size is 26. Said she couldn't button them -- had like an inch to go. I wonder if this whole sizing down thing for Lowky BC 60B is truer for the sizes that aren't so small to begin with.
^Hey, maybe they won't reek. But they could have stripper juice.
Some say Febreeze. I say, just hang them up for a day in a place where they will get a lot of moving air. Outside (e.g., if you have a balcony) would be great.
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