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I have been trying to find some opium wingers for the last 2 years now. I did see one pair in a 26 but I am more of a 29! But other than that they are nowhere to be seen. Are they particularly rare?
Ohh, I wouldn't buy anything from him - those are awful!
Yes I want pics too! Missed ya Antolette!
I could understand if I had missed the holes, but the buyer said he didn't have a camera and of course the jeans were a present for someone with a 35" leg, not the 31" leg that he usually sells his rocks at! Just easier to agree and make them go away!
I ended up refunding £10 (about $15). Figured it was worth it just to make them go away. Thanks for your help.x
I like the second pair best but then I am a sucker for anything that sparkles!
Ok, thank you for the advice. I will keep you updated.
I have been selling my sample haul on ebay. I recently sold this: Rock & Republic Kasandra Crystal Crown size 28 UK 10 on eBay, also, Women's Clothing, Clothes, Shoes Accessories (end time 07-May-09 23:00:54 BST) I sent the jeans and now got this message: Hi there, I got the jeans today thank you very much. However there are two small holes to the bottom of one leg about an inch up from the hem which was not mentioned in the advert and a corner of them were...
I think the exchange rate is about £1:$1.5 at the mo but is keeps changing a little everyday. Last time I went to the US it was $2 to £1 so I was on a spending spree!! Anyway back to topic...All those jeans look great I am glad you are keeping them all. You need to post pics of your full collection next!
Love them all, especially the last pair. You look fab in all of them. Are you keeping them all? Just to let you know I bought the first pair (crowns) in a 25 at the sale and just sold them for £125 here so if you wanted to sell them you could make a nice profit.
New Posts  All Forums: