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Quote: Originally Posted by deepv In fact I saw a new wash of Timmen in store the other day: dark wash like 8BI, with very subtle ass dragons and clips (the safado's coin pocket ones) on the back pockets. Very cool. rivets on the front pockets are the same as timmen 8BK. about USD 220 These? http://www.baggamenswear.co.uk/acata...immen_8GE.html
I was just curious which stores sold them. Not necessarily because I wanted to call them, but was wondering more what you said in your first question. Why would certain stores carry them over others.
^^do you know which Diesel store they are shipping them from?
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym if you guys like timmen, you need it in 8FB. Stretch grey, subtle fading, black rivets :GAWD: BTW size down atleast 1... Were these released in the US or Canada?
I am hoping that Revolve gets the Swelfur in Khaki. Does anyone know anywhere other than SSENSE that sells the Khaki? They are sold out of my size...
Same here
ha! well i did, paid retail. LOL! Oh well...
^LOL, well that ruins my idea then, I was going to go out and buy the crayola oil paints and start painting all over my jeans!
well so what did they do exactly with the paint? I can't imagine that they would use paint without diluting it down? What would be the process for that?
just out of curiosity, whether these come out the same or not, does anyone know what technique might be used to get the spots and streaks? Does Diesel use bleach or paint???
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