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Quote: Originally Posted by tomatous I did read through the thread on wet stretching. I guess I am worried that I will screw up my jeans by attempting that. I will do more research. I haven't ventured into the straight leg world yet, I am eyeing up a pair of slammers though... anyone know if they run longer or shorter? I'm 6'4 as well and have had to wet stretch a few of my Diesels. You don't have to worry about hurting them at all. I can tell...
will post pics soon of my Shazor 60B turned straight leg...
I am curious about this, Eluxury has these tagged as the Viker 8GZ as well, but they don't seem to have the grommet holes, splotchy effect, and the back right pocket looks to be curved? eLUXURY - Diesel - Viker, 8GZ Japanese Denim Diesel
Quote: Originally Posted by roadside_attraction i ordered this one. what do you guys think of it G-Star Polair Black Check Jacket - ssense.com This is the one I am thinking about ordering, but in the Green. I am just not sure if it will fit. I ordered an XL in the Jumacse and an XXL in the Swelfur and they both fit just about right, so I don't want this to be too small...
So overall how does GStar fit? If I typically wear an XXL in Diesel Jackets and sometimes an XL, would I be fine in an XL in Gstar without having it fit skin tight?
revolve has these also now, but only in L32
yeah it is pg600rr, I checked again this morning.
yeah I don't know about it either. I need to go check the ad again. If this is the same jacket, it looked much better in the ad than it does on here...
Yeah thats it!!! Anyone can locate this anywhere in the blue color, I will pay a finders fee!!!
thats the jacket I was wondering about as well. My scanner is broken or I would try to get a picture of it on here...it looked amazing!
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