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is it just me or does the first one look some shade of green?
well i need a size 36. Im a big boy, 6'4 210, so a size 31 won't work. That is definitely the cut though, however, the wash I saw wasn't that wash, it was a little lighter than that
I don't remember looking at the tag, but the lady at the desk said they were called FLEA I figured that stood for the cut and wash, but they were definitely not Floyd, because of the flap pocket. And im not sure what was would be EA. They had several sizes left, a 29, 32, and 34. The lady also said that she thought they were discontinued because she was unable to order anymore of them and couldn't find them anywhere else.
LOL, they had that same look as far as the folded denim, but they were definitely men's, looked and fit EXACTLY like the Taylor outside of the way the denim was folded on the pocket. The back pocket was even shaped the same way...
I was in a store today trying on a pair that I really liked, unfortunately they didn't have my size. I have looked all over online and can't seem to find them. I am not sure what cut the pair is, it may be the Taylor cut, but the pockets were different. They had the flap, but didn't have any "R's" stitched on them, the pocket was plain except it looked like the denim was folded over in the middle. Anyone have any idea what these are or where I could find them?
I might be able to help. There are several Dicks Sporting Goods around here as well as a couple Dallas Cowboys stores. I can't guarantee anything, but I'll look.
Anyone know where to get this online other than the R&R store? Or does anyone know if the R&R store has discount codes ever? Tobias Jacket - Rock and Republic Official Store
JJdenim has these two pairs left in my size, just curious which pair you guys think looks better???
still no jacket staluckey???
Quote: Originally Posted by tomatous I ordered this jacket in a Large.. Hopefully it will fit, as most of my height comes in the legs department! I didn't end up ordering it. I think I am going to wait until boxing day or for another discount code.
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