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Larkee I believe
I accidentally got my sister started on the designer denim kick, and I am in some trouble! My mom wants to kill me because R&R are my sisters new favorite jeans, and my mom doesn't understand paying that much for a pair of jeans. Anyway, I wanted to make sure that some of these were authentic before I sent the auction links to my sister. Also, I wanted to make sure these fits would suit her. She is 6'2, slender built, but has curves. She said she wore size 32 in...
I don't think its Thanaz either. The back pocket isn't curved at the bottom, and the stitching around the front pockets isn't triple stitching like on the Thanaz...
Well if you have any suggestions for cool wingtips, send the links my way! I have been looking for some for a long time and haven't found anything that really caught my attention design wise like these did. And I do wonder about the quality. I actually bought a pair of their wingtips, but the ones that are slip-on, and within a couple of days of wear, the sole started pulling away from the rest of the shoe! I emailed R&R twice asking if I could get some help, not on...
do you think the color is too light?
Does anyone know where I can get these in a little bit darker brown color? I really like them but they seem a little light... Rock & Republic Sonic (Hyder Lamma) - Wingtips Lace-Up/Oxford TIA
sorry to bring back an old post, but I was wondering if anyone knew if the pair JCD posted were still available at DDG? Also, does anyone know what the inseam was on these or if there are multiple inseams?
sweet, thanks
lol, well shit, that didn't help either. On shoes.com it says a 46 is a 13, which are the R&R's I ordered, and they are too big, I have a pair of 13's that say the EU is 47, an none of my 12's have an EU size.
is that size conversion page correct? Cause I used a different site before when I was ordering some r&r shoes and it was different. I wear a 12 in most shoes, so what european size would I need?
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