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I removed the zippers from a pair of Farco 87Q and was able to fade the denim to match the denim around it as well. Wasn't all to hard honestly, just took some time. Pictures of them were actually posted on here when I sold them because everyone was confused on if they were R87Q, 87Q, or fake! If you want some advice, shoot me a PM and I will try to explain everything after work
here is some pictures of Revick 72L. I have seen some pairs on ebay that look way better than what these pictures show... DIESEL - 2008 Spring Summer Revick 72L Jeans (Faded Blue) - diabro.net - Import
the 72L or 8DD???
Yeah, maximvicky had them for sale on ebay a month or so ago, just not in my size. I know they exist
I can't find any pics of Revick 72L but I found a thread with pics of the 72L wash in different cuts... http://www.honestforum.com/diesel-je...perthread.html
Dude I might have to have you pick me up a pair if I can't find them in an outlet over here...Do you know if you have Revick 72L anywhere over there?
the wash is awesome! which outlet did you see them in and how much were they???
they definitely aren't too tight, they fit perfectly. Every pair i have picked up is already twisted on the left leg. The seams on the left leg won't lay flat. I just didnt know if it was maybe something wrong with them this season or something. I actually had one pair that didn't twist, they fit perfectly, but one of the rivets popped off of the front pockets, so I had to send them back as well...
I have bought and returned 3 pairs of these now because the seams of the front left leg are twisted from the Diesel store, and it gets much worse after the first couple of wears. Has anyone else noticed this on theirs? I would say maybe I have a crooked left leg, but none of my other Diesels do this. Is there a simple fix for this, or is it a problem with the construction from Diesels factories???
As weird as the title of this thread is, its not anything sexual! I was actually wondering if anyone had seen these boots at any of the stores or anywhere else online? Diesel Online Store - SOFT HEAT - Footwear
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