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I think they look alright. Where did you find the pics sandman?
i would really like to experiment with a pair of 82L too, try to straighten up the leg and get have of the cuff hemmed up. I think they would look nice.
Clerby is just a really old cut that Diesel put to rest years ago. That's the only reason it's not talked about. Overall I think the Clerby 82L is one of the best cut/wash combos diesel has ever produced. The 82L denim feels/looks amazing.
Just picked these up off of Yoox... DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX pretty good deal I think
Just curious what the standard was for cleaning shoes? What I need are the necessary tools to clean leather shoes and suede shoes. I have nothing currently, so any information on what is best to use, brands, brushes, polishes, etc. would help a ton.
I guess I could try ordering the 32x32 pair from Yoox and return them if they aren't long enough. I just hesitate to spend any amount of money on a pair of jeans when they aren't my size...I always end up not liking them
Does anyone have worn pictures of these or know how they run? I wear a 33x34 in most Diesel jeans. What size should I stick with? Could I fit in a 32 length? Also, just out of curiosity, does anyone know of any place online or overseas that still has these? I have found two places, Yoox and Diabro, that carry them, but both have sizes that are probably out of reach for me.
yeah, im also curious how the bleaching process works...
I have been looking for Revick 72L and 8DD in my size for years it seems like...no luck
does anyone know where i can find these in a size 45? DIESEL Men - Footwear - Laced shoes DIESEL on YOOX
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