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i have a pair of trs and one of the buttons fell off in the back pocket is there any where i could buy a replacement button for the jeans and hammer them back on?
i dont know with my selenium.. i wore them maybe 5-6 times.. last time was at new years clubbing.. i think it was a combo of heat and friction haha... i blame the girl! and i'll post a pic of them on for a better idea tmrw
well my beloved 29w floyd seleniums ripped.. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHH RnR replaced me.. but oxycontin.. didn't have seleniums. i have relatively big thighs, putting the oxycontins on, my thigh's were def a bit tight, and my thighs are probably gonna get a bit bigger as a result of squats and lower leg exercises. my question is, should I even risk wearing these or just sell them? Any idea what the market value would be, they are...
GUCCI - BROWN HAT - (eBay item 110194543388 end time Nov-21-07 17:30:00 PST) Unisex Gucci Gray And Black Monogram Baseball Cap/Hat - (eBay item 110193468768 end time Nov-21-07 07:56:06 PST) are these hat fake?
today i came across a pair of 7FAM that had a very unique back pocket embroidery, it consisted of some form of arabic or middle eastern lettering, the stitching for them was done with gold thread and the letters were filled in with a white/gold glitter fabric another thing i noticed about them was instead of the fit being printed on the inside pocket lining it was printed on the waistband to the right of 7forallmankind, the fit was straightleg and the wash was a very...
I dunno... i got my nudies today as well.. dunno if its because i like the fit of th enudies soo much that i think these or meh or what.. u be the judge.
haha.. gotta post these :P actual pics soon =)
Quote: Originally Posted by SFAM i really like your diesel shella jacket, superock. haha, thanks again for it =) just some more pics - from a gala type thing. wish i had full pics of the whole outfit (shoes and everything =() VERY gone at this point Zara purple dress shirt w/ subtle blue pinstripes Le Chateau white tie Banana Republic Charchoalish blazer fcuk white leather belt Zara plaid pants White Aldo shoes one...
diesel shella jacket hollister tshirt diesel roody 740 chucks
I meant US.. have a person helping me out.. thanks so much luckee26!
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