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Since they are older am I dreaming that I can find a 31x34??? Please pm me if you see them anywhere or have some to sell Also, these run alittle big correct? I managed to find a 32 online but pretty sure they would be too big
^ hee hee thanks....unfortunately it isn't my kitty just a very cute picture of someone else's
He has some floyds (I believe they are attica?) which he LOVES because they are thin and soft! They are size 33 and currently about 1-1.5 sizes too big. I am searching for another pair to buy him and wondering if Henlee in Stoney Blue size 32 is going to be too big???? TIA
He has been acting in an independant production....sooooo if you have 1/2 hour to kill and $2.50 burning a hole in your pocket check it out The Gutter Dawgs They are shopping it around to some networks so hopefully someone will pick it up. In the meantime they need to raise funds to keep on. I personally haven't even watched it yet It makes me nervous to watch him, but it looks pretty impressive imo! TELL YOUR FRIENDS
^Yes....I just saw those!!! Is $209 an ok price to pay (they are over $400 here in Canada!)???
I was at the mall today with my bf and he tried on some Billy Big T in Urban Cowboy (sz 31) and fell in love with them! Now he said that is all he wants for Christmas Anyone know where I can find some for less than retail???
How do Dakota A pockets run??? TIA
I have size 31 Charlotte Dojo shorts, brand new never worn nor washed, but I need a size 32!!! Anyone with a sz 32 want to do a trade?
Is the denim heavy or lighter weight? Also, hard to tell exactly what the color is...would it be between DPE and Rinse? And lastly, how do the run in rigid Joey? THANKS
Personally I think it is a silvery/minty/whitish color...what do you guys say? I don't want to mis-inform any potential buyers by giving them the wrong crown color!
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