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All Auth. The 1st one has been restored by LMB and I have had bad experiences with them 2--OK price IMO. But Box Calf is VERY hard to find now. It is high maintenance. It scratches easily and blisters if water gets on it. But I think it is super classy and it is easy to restore as long as it is only damaged lightly. 3--Good price. This is very soft leather with souple/retourne (inside) stitching so it will slouch over time. I personally prefer structured looking Kelly...
Laurie, please lock this thread.
^No fucking shit I posted that AFTER I called the cops. I didn't think you thought I was that stupid, but apparently you give me no credit at all
Update---He hit me I'm a mess now
Honestly, I usually don't care if they older than me or have a higher rank than me in terms of schooling or job titles. But I just cannot fight back if they are family because no matter what the given situation is, my name will be soiled in the family. Does that make sense? But honestly, if you meet me in person and I am being treated poorly, I am blunt and harsh and will tear them a new one. Don't let my size fool you
Quote: Originally Posted by Infinite42 Why would you have to do this? Asian cultural upbringing. I am not suppose to cause others to "lose face." It's like almost a crime.
Moving out in 2 weeks. Just trying to keep "peaceful" until then. I had to bit my tongue as I watched him try to give away my lamp. Honestly, this guy is so irresponsible. He made a mortgage payment over a month late!! His excuse? The bill never came. He didn't even bother to call or check online! I've only stayed this long because the rent was only $400 and 5 minutes from school and I did not think it would be a problem. Now I'm kicking myself.
THe room is locked. Owner has a copy of the key. I made sure there would be a lock when I moved in but he insisted on keeping a copy of the key for "Emergencies" I didn't know "Emergencies" meant cable that I don't need. Can't shoot him, he's practically family. If it weren't for that, believe me......
I am soooooo sick of where I am living right now and down right pissed. Things that have happened since I moved in here June 2007. Oh, and the owner lives in this house as well. 1--I am told I cannot cook after a certain time, not even to use the microwave 2--My shoes are neatly lined up outside my door but the owner insists on kicking them over because he wants me to buy a shelf. He has not spoken to me about this, but he has whined to everyone who will...
The reason I thought it was fake, was due to the stitching, bust AsianDiva knows her LV bags
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