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my exam guide says: financial statement relationships classifications of accounts preparing 3 basica statements from trial balance (I think I know what a trial balance is) ability to read cash flow statement understand basic mechanics of accounting and how they affect the financial statements.
I wish it were an online test! My textbook is Financial Accounting in an Economical Context by Jamie Pratt 6th Ed. I am to understand ch 1-6 It is on financial statements, mechanics, using financial statement info, current asset classification, cash, and account receivable. That's what the chapters say. I feel like there is more =(
My exam is tomorrow at 2PM PST and I do not understand it at all!! It is an accounting course for my MBA program and I have NEVER taken an accounting course before and my last econ course was in the year 2000. If you can help me ace it (OK, let's be realistic and say 85% or higher) then I honestly will buy you a pair of jeans priced up to $180 (includes tax and shipping). If you prefer the $$$, I can give you $80 through PP or GC and the remainder $100 in Nordstrom...
I need to understand accounting by 2PM tomorrow for my midterm. This is how much I understand: Debit and Credit. I am soooooooo SCREWED!!! If anyone can teach me accounting and help me to ace it, I will buy you a pair of jeans (there will be a price cap, 3 digits...PM me for details) I also went wine tasting on Sunday and got drunk. Mind you this was also an MBA event and my Dean was there to witness this. I was desperately scarfing down bread and appetizers so I would...
So I need to interview a "stranger" for my Communications course. My professor wants me to pick someone who has a different background than my own in terms of diversity. I figure it is safer to pick a stranger over the net than of the streets.) Soooooo....any volunteers? She is pretty open about it being diverse, it can be lifestyle, nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc.... Personally, I would love to interview someone who is into BDSM, from the GLBTI...
Quote: Originally Posted by angelxplaya This is the my favorite brand though. American ramen cannot compete. my fave! love this one too but i'm a wimp and use nly .25-.5 of the spice =P Quote: Originally Posted by 2venus I'm all about Nongshim Kimchi noodles! I also add in some shrimp. BF likes to cook in some eggs. (go k-dramas that gave me these iideas!)
try erickchen's relatives place: http://www.honestforum.com/hf-chat/6...el-valley.html
It's easier to just tell him. If you try and get a 3rd person involved, then he will get embarrassed and wonder how many others know or that you told everyone. Confession: There is this one guy in my class that drives me CRAZY!!! All he does is make others feel like crap, put them down. brag about himself, try and make himself look great (he makes an ass of himself doing this), and does low shady things to hurt other.
Love it!! I knew it would look fab on you!
That seller is awesome =) I always love the stuff I get! The Kelly is a great bag to start, my first H bag was also a Kelly and it is just so classy
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