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BTW Toni, he's traveling from the East Bay down to LA to go to the concert.
He wants a girl to go with him, not in the date sense, because he feels emasculated enough that he is a male going to a Jay Chou concert.
So my friend has 8th row center tickets to go see Jay Chou but does not want to go alone. He is looking for a female fan to go with him and will offer the ticket at face value (I'm told it is currently worth a lot more) and they are VIP tickets (not sure what this means). It is to the concert in LA. Any takers?
Quote: Originally Posted by callire ^ Thanks Anyway, I confess that I've been so stressed about exams that I've thrown: 3 mugs 1 bowl and that I'll probably waste more time tomorrow finishing. I've got a future confession that I will probably pawn them off as holiday gifts for my teachers once I run out of room. Oh well, it was stress relieving. So thrown as in made or thrown as in you picked it up and gravity took its course?
Ugh, I did terrible on my Accounting midterm =( But so did 40% of the class. I am currently looking to hire a tutor in the area....I feel like such a dummy
I doubt someone would create 5 accounts, then buy 13 items on one account and then 52 on another, open a new account with 1, another with 7, and then have the selling listing.
What kind of bags does she like? What is her style like? Is she into logos? Does she like shoulder or hand bags? Big tote or small clutches? There are soo many possibilities....
Wow, everyone has such interesting backgrounds! We should just interview everyone on the board and get to know each other more
The class is weird. My professor always seems like she is in a hurry to leave and zips through the problems at lightening speed so no one gets it. She also does not want us to work together or she will give us a 0.
My exam was pushed up to 12PM instead of 2PM today, yikes! I have no idea how I did on it =/ Out of a class of 28 students, only 10 seem to know what they are doing. Everyone else is just as lost and confused as I am. I really hope I pass this course too *hope hope hope* BTW, holy crap that I needed to learn how to account in less than 24 hours or for the free jeans? I'm confused....
New Posts  All Forums: