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Uggs are hideous looking but are ridiculously comfy which is why I have not tossed mine even though I still view them as a fashion faux pas. I do think $150 for indoor shoes is a bit steep, I think there are tons of places that sell sheep shearling slippers or moccasins with no name brand for under $20. Wear what you like, life is too short to worry about what others think as long as you're happy. But honestly, I would probably not pair them with B-ball shorts unless I...
Another HFer and I spotted a guy wearing Uggs and we thought it looked nice.
The 10% is BS. If you return the ag, she can file a non-complete transaction and get her Final Values fees back. I would file a dispute and get a letter of authenticity to send in to Ebay and Paypal. Also send a copy of the buyer's reply to them too. Good luck!
I think they are cute but if you find yourself buying clothing to match your shoes instead of the other way around, then you should probably return them.
I've seen solid black leather Coach wristlets with no creed on it before and they were real.
Very fake. The plastic covering is a dead giveaway.
Real IMO. Need close ups of the bale to be 100% sure
I got to play with my friends new born puppies (born around 3am today) after class today.
He bought the tickets for him and his GF to go to. They broke up a couple months ago....
well he says he can't go alone, because going stag to a concert is like going stag to prom or a club. He did play with the idea of binging a guy friend, but he is already a pretty effeminate guy that everyone thinks is gay (nothing wrong with that, but it just means it's hard to get girls). Thus the current situation. Chances are he'll buy the girl dinner and drinks. He's a guy who likes to have a good time and wants others around him to have a good time too.
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