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Ebay and gas are NOT even on the same level. One is market that is pretty much a monopoly while the other is government subsidized. And yes, 4% is a BIG deal when it was only 5.25% to begin with, it nearly doubled!
Pick a number between 1 and 99 million....JK! I like Melody's idea of a portfolio/photo contest. A couple other ideas: We should have a contest Photoshopping an image of Dave and have it be denim/fashion related. Maybe even different categories such as Most Creative, Most Humorous, Best Look, etc... Guess how pairs of jeans all the HF team members have combined
Guessing washes/cuts/brands of jeans ID Fakes VS Real denim
It's 67% higher than before for regular sellers and 20% higher for power sellers!! It used to be 5.25% and now it is 8.75% (That's how much the highest tax paying city in CA is!) and it is now 12% for stores instead of 10% I hate that buyers cannot get Negs now. This will definitely increase Non-Paying bidder rates. There is a problem on Ebay with "practical jokers" that bid up super high, ruin your listing, then don't pay :thumbs down:
I have not seen that first style before, but the 2nd one looks very fake.
1--Don't know enough about Minkoff to say, but you would need more pics anyway 2--The City is real. I had emailed the seller myself for more pics =) 3--I cannot even tell what style the Chloe is....Could you tell me the style so I know what else to look for?
[quote]to finish, i hope ilikehugs or whatever her name is figures out that the forum hates her stupidass confession thread and finally takes note that dave told her to fuck off.[quote] This is not a popularity contest. People can choose to hate my threads or not, they don't have to read it or submit posts. If you hate it, then don't read it. It's really quite simple. Dave did not tell me to fuck off, if he did, I wouldn't still be around. So why don't you stop...
I don't think they really do. Since there are discounts and sales in stores, outlets, and vendors. There are some bags that are more popular that do like the Carly.
^Ditto I even brought my bags. I was worried the first time I brought my nicer bags to Vegas but as long as you are not in some sort of seedy dive where it is tight and cramped with no ventilation, you'll be fine. I hate the smell of smoke too.
It looks good to me. But I think this seller has a reputation for selling bags in bad condition.
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