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I'm a sucker for Gingham prints so Number 2 gets my vote. But if you happen to buy the cute prada nappa stripe clutch, then go with Coach.
Magic erasers really dry out bags, If it is a oil stain from your hands, I would form a paste using water and corn starch and lightly brushing it on, letting it dry, then wiping it off.
I felt obligated to post these since we are a Forum for designer jeans True Religion Handbags - Purse Blog
Good luck getting one in stores, these drool worthy bags are either sold out or have a mile long wait list! Louis Vuitton: Water Collection Prada: Fair Collection Oscar De La Renta: Goya Bag Purple is going to be hot for Fall accessories again (LV, Balenciaga, Dior, Escada, Prada, Mulberry, etc...) There also seems to be a lot of floral designs and exotic accents on the handbags this year (LV, Balenciaga, Gucci, Chanel, BV, etc...)
Nice scarves! Unfortunately I only have the skull scarf by McQueen and can't really help you out either =( Maybe try www.luxury-scarves.com . It's a forum for scarf lovers. I'm a member there too but I never post.
I would suggest the Neverful also. It comes in 3 sizes so you can pick which one suits your needs. What's nice is they also expand to become bigger/wider and the price is pretty good for it's price I'm not sure where Cabo is, but you can always order online from Eluxury. There are usually a few gift cards for Eluxury available in the HonestMall at a discount too.
Here are the jeans compared to my other TRs. They are definitely not real: Fake??? pictures from fashion photos on webshots
It really depends on the condition of the pochette. Is it Moka? That's a beautiful color and I don't see it come up very often.
It looks OK from the few images I clicked on but I would never trust a site that does not offer a safe payment method.
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